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Enforcing Bylaws Against Nuisance Owners

In a previous post I discussed how a strata corporation successfully evicted an owner, which was the second time that a strata corporation was successful in that request.

However, the case of The Owners, Strata Plan LMS XXX v DB, 2017 BCCRT 117, is an example of a strata corporation that was unsuccessful in its request to evict an owner. The main reason for being unsuccessful is the the Civil Resolution Tribunal has no jurisdiction or authority to evict an owner.

Further, the courts have been clear that in order for an owner to be evicted, the strata corporation must prove that an injection preventing the owner's breach of the bylaws has been unsuccessful.

Although the owner in LMS XXX was found to be disruptive and had clearly breached the bylaws for months (yelling, stomping, fighting, smoking, requiring the police to be called numerous times, etc.), even if the strata corporation had applied to BC Supreme Court, they likely wouldn't have been successful in evicting the owne…

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