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Strata Regulations Updated Permitting User Fees for Common Property Use

The Strata Property Regulation was amended, effective as of March 7, 2018, to permit strata corporation's to charge user fees for common property use.

The chargeback must be reasonable, depending on:

the rate of consumption;recovery of operating costs by the strata corporation;the number of users; andthe duration of use.  This amendment is particularly helpful for strata corporations who have installed electric vehicle charging stations on their common property. 
More information about the new regulation can be found here
It is important to note, that the chargeback of user fees must be set out in a bylaw or rule. Strata corporations that want to start charging user fees should have their bylaws reviewed and amended by a lawyer. 
Drafting bylaws bylaws can have serious implications for strata corporations and strata corporations should rely on qualified individuals to provide the necessary advice and drafting expertise. I offer bylaw review and drafting services. If you would lik…

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